Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Love Teaching Preschool.

I have seen my preschool kids do some amusing things during class. I like to tell the parents that I have seen it all. Than a day comes along that reminds me, they can always think of new and unusual ways to make my day.

Today we were at recess. I was standing in my usual spot next to the drinking fountain. It’s a handy place to be. It is SO hot here right now, I like to be sure the kids stay hydrated. This is also the spot that you can see the whole playground.

I was watching the children happily playing in the sand box. One of the little boys got out, stood on the sidewalk next to it, and preceded to pull his pants down to his ankles. I started running toward him saying “Stop, ‘Little Guy’!”. He shuffled along a few steps, and I thought he was going to a nearby bush. Well, Little Guy had other plans. He looked at me with a big smile on his face and proceeded to pee, straight down, soaking his shorts, splashing on the sidewalk, and his shoes. A lot of pee for a three year old!

Me: What are you doing Little Guy.

Little Guy: I hadda go potty.

Me: You need to tell me, so you can go IN and use the potty.

Little Guy: Sometimes you gotta go NOW!

I guess you can’t argue with that.


    that is too funny/cute!

    i bet his mom really enjoyed that one.
    did all the little girls run around screaming? lol.

  2. LOL Oh your job most both frustrate and amuse you endlessly!

  3. The little girls didn't scream, but the big girls wanted to. LOL

  4. That is so funny! Last week we were at the park and I saw a little boy peeing on a tree. At first I thought why is that kid peeing out here when there's a bathroom in that building 20 feet away. But then I realized, like your little guy, he must have had to go right at that very moment!

  5. That's fantastic...I can totally see my "little guy" making that mistake sometime in the future.

  6. and that's why I'm not a pre-school teacher! LOL. That's hilarious!

  7. Funny! (But I'm glad I didn't have to clean him up!)