Saturday, September 26, 2009

My First Tweet-up. Part One.

I have been on Twitter for a few months now. I have been very surprised by the amount of fun I am having. I have “met” people I would never have a chance to meet in real life. I don’t think they have any idea how much I enjoy our “talks”.

I have met a lovely lady who seems to share my slightly sarcastic sense of humor. I enjoy our witty late night banter immensely. There is so much to say about her, I need another post to even start.

I have met the hard working family man. He also amuses me with his wit. He is great for very late night company, during my sometimes endless insomnia. He has been over worked, and sick lately, and I can’t believe how much I have worried about him.

I have met an awesome young man, going to his first year at college. He is living away from home for the first time. I don’t think he realizes how much I enjoy seeing this adventure through his eyes. Added bonus? He knows his apple products. He has resolved problems for me many times.

I have met a fantastic young mother from Australia. Where else would I make a friend so far away. No one here laughs with me over one of my favorite lines from a Seinfeld show, “Maybe the dingo ate your baby”, like she does. I also love learning “Aussie” words from her. Who knew Australia had it’s own language?

There are so many others i enjoy too. Mostly, younger mothers. I laugh with them, remembering for the first time in a long time, some of the antics of my own girls when they were little ones. My heart goes out to them in their day to day frustrations. No one tells you just how HARD it will be sometimes.

So, now the opportunity has come up to meet one of my “friends”. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it. We share a love for late night talk show host, Craig Ferguson. What better thing to do together than attend a taping of his show?

I casually mentioned the impending meeting to my family. The reaction is too much, no really!

Munchkin: Mom, you always tell us not to talk to strangers on the internet! {I am happy to report that I have never been approached for cyber-sex, among my Twitter friends}.

Big Girl: Mom, what if she, IF she is a she, is some kind of Hannibal Lecter guy? {If they wheel her off the plane, strapped to a gurney, wearing a leather mask with metal bars covering her mouth? I’m pretty sure I’ll have the sense to high-tail it out of there}.

Mr. G: She is probably some crazed ax murderer, who wants to kill you in the audience of The Craig Ferguson Show, so she can get national attention. {I’m hoping airport security will stop her from bringing her ax on the plane. If she asks to stop at Lowe’s on the way to the show, I’ll pull over and let her out of the car}.

This all being said...I can’t wait to meet her. Despite the fact that she doesn’t like coffee (yummy!!), and loves cats (gah!), I think we will have a great time.

To be continued.....


  1. I am flummoxed on how to alleviate their concerns! Would it help if I sent a copy of my drivers' license? Had my mom call and vouch for me?

    Well, either way, I'm excited too and can't wait to get off the plane (axless and leather maskless) to start our little adventure! :-)

  2. aww thanks for the nice mini twitter bio!! :D

    and mo beter be careful when you visit ms. kathy. it looks like the family wants your head, as long as you dont take theirs with your ax first. hehe. oh, and im yet to be convinced that they love in-n-out. ; )

  3. I am so envious of you both getting to meet one another. One day I shall talk you all into a webcam skype session. Am highly amused at their trying to stir you up. Afterwards, I think you should tell them all outrageous stories of faux hijinks. I have no doubt you will have an absolute ball. Despite the absence of your 3rd triplet. ;-)

  4. I SWEAR I commented, it must have disappeared?

    Have fun! I love the comments from your family about meeting an internet friend!

  5. Ok, so what I was going to say earlier when my phone rudely dumped it....was that my husband and I MET online. They're worried about you going to see Craig w/her? You probably make much more questionable (yet, traditional) mistakes on a daily basis. ;-) If something is awry, I'm sure Craig will protect you. In fact, maybe you can even get on the show that way. THAT would be hilarious.

  6. OK, so I was there, you lived, all is well. Where's Part Two? :-)

  7. I can vouch for Maura, but I'm just another Internet freak, right? My family thought it was strange I was so excited about BlogHer last year. Then they freaked when I took my son to NCarolina for college and scheduled a few extra days to meet some of my readers - total "strangers" as far as they were concerned. Why would I want to spend a weekend with them? It was a blast! : )